Terms and Conditions

  1. A maximum of two interest only payments can be made per loan term dependent upon the eligibility of the loan. Eligibility is based on your payment profile for your current loan, and the adjusted total amount you will have to repay must be within the ie not exceeding twice the amount of your current funded loan.
  2. Making an interest only payment will increase the duration of your loan agreement by approximately 1 month.
  3. Making an interest only payment will increase your total repayable.
  4. Making an interest only payment is done so without us (PDL Finance Limited) in any way abandoning or modifying any of our rights under our agreement with you.
  5. The total amount you will repay will never be more than double the amount that you borrowed. For example if you borrow £200 the most you will ever repay (including the interest only payment) will be £400.
  6. Before you proceed with your interest only payment please ensure you have read and understood the FCA Information sheet in high-cost-short-term credit. We would not recommend the interest only option for anyone who would consider themselves to be struggling financially. If you need to discuss your payment options contact a member of our team on 0208-532-5020

Please view FCA Information Sheet on high-cost-short-term credit before you proceed click here

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