How much can I borrow?

With Mr Lender you can borrow between £200 and £1,000, and repay the loan between 3 and 6 months.

First time applicants can typically borrow up to £500 and once you have repaid a loan successfully on time and passed the credit and affordability checks, you may be eligible for extended borrowing up to £1,000.

All applications are subject to approval, affordability and creditworthiness assessments and customers can apply here.

What affects how much you can borrow?

As part of our commitment to responsible lending, we undertake a number of underwriting procedures to ensure we give the customer the right product for them. This includes confirming a borrower's reason for applying, employment status, salary and credit score. By carrying out such checks, we ensure that a customer is not given a loan which they cannot afford to repay or will leave them in a worse financial position. The factors that influence how much you can borrow are discussed below:


Affordability assessments are used to match how much you wish to borrow with what you can afford to repay. For instance, you may wish to borrow the maximum amount however your monthly take home pay may not be high enough to keep up with repayment and all your other expenses like rent and food.

Our underwriting team may request proof of employment and salary with a payslip or bank statement - and you can send this to us by email or upload via our Live Chat service. We will also try to get an idea of your income and expenses by asking some questions and checking your credit history. Together, this will determine how much you can borrow.

If you want to borrow over a longer period, for example up to 6 months, you may be able to borrow a bit more because you will be breaking down repayments into monthly instalments - rather than having to repay a lump sum at the end of month one.

Credit history

Using a credit reference agency, we carry out a credit check for every application prior to approval. This allows us to gain an insight into how well the applicant has repaid other types of debt in the past and if they have any other outstanding payday loans.

If the applicant has a good credit score and no defaults, they are likely to be able to borrow the amount they have requested. However, if the customer does not meet a certain level of creditworthiness, they may not be approved for a loan. Alternatively, if the individual presents a greater risk of default due to their credit score, a lower amount may be offered.

Returning customers

If you are a customer who has had loans with us in the past, this will give us a better idea of how well you manage credit. If you previously borrowed with us, repaid your loan on time and have passed the standard checks again, you may be able to borrow more than £500.

As a returning customer, you will have your own user login so that you can apply much faster. You will still be required to go through the regular underwriting checks to ensure that you are eligible for a loan.

Can I have more than one loan open?

No, customers can only have one loan from Mr Lender open at any point. We cannot offer additional loans as this may cause financial strain and lead to a spiral of debt.

Payday loans are intended to be a temporary solution to short term cash flow needs and not the answer to long-term debt.

Do you offer rollovers?

Yes. We offer an interest only option which can be taken up to two times on any one loan. This option is only available if you are eligible and eligibility is driven by internal system rules. By taking this option, your loan amount and loan term will increase. Also, this option is not suitable if you are struggling financially.