10 Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs from Pinterest

Published: 09/04/2017 and written by E Rose

10 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Eggs This Easter

You could buy a plain chocolate egg from your local supermarket, or you could decorate your own and make it a little more special. Mr Lender, a UK based short term loan provider, has put together 10 Pinterest tips for ways you can decorate your own eggs this Easter.

1. Personalise your eggs with a name

2. Add some chocolate buttons for a dotty effect

3. Add some mini chocolate eggs for an extra surprise

4. Maybe add some caramel mousse for a luxury treat

5. Make your chocolate eggs into a special Easter cake

6. Treat someone special to a Creme Egg tree

7. Add sprinkles for a quick and colourful effect

8. If you have a steady hand, try and ice a flower or two

9. Try a marble effect for an impressive addition to your egg

10. Brush some white chocolate stripes for an abstract monochrome effect

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