Mr Lender Coronavirus Update

Published: 28/08/2020 and written by P Smith

To all Mr Lender customers, Given the current situation around Covid-19, we wanted to assure you that we will support you through any financial difficulties that this pandemic may cause to you and your ability […]

Everything You Currently Need To Know About Supermarkets

Elderly couple with groceries
Published: 30/03/2020 and written by P Smith

Supermarkets across the UK are making a few alterations to make the shopping process run smoothly and fairly for everyone. Mr Lender wants to keep you up to date with what’s going on with some of the […]

Payday loans – A rarity in a world of little faith?

payday loans
Published: 25/10/2018 and written by P Smith

You don’t have to look online for long to find the latest article on payday loans and how they’re supposedly exploiting vulnerable borrowers with high rates of interest and unrealistic repayment terms that are almost […]

TSB: Could You Be Entitled to Compensation?

Published: 11/05/2018 and written by P Smith

Almost a month on and TSB is still battling to repair the damage caused after an IT glitch led to severe problems for the company. With an unknown number of customers thought to have faced […]

Weak Economic Growth Means Increase in Interest Rates Unlikely

Interest Rates
Published: 04/05/2018 and written by P Smith

The UK has seen its weakest period of economic growth for five years. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the economy slowed down to just 0.1% growth during the first three months […]

The Royal Wedding: How Much Will It Cost and Who Is Footing the Bill?

Royal Wedding
Published: 01/05/2018 and written by P Smith

Whether you’re a royalist or not, it’s practically impossible to stay away from the wedding hype surrounding Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s upcoming nuptials. With just weeks to go until the big day, Mr Lender […]

Day Zero: How Cape Town Narrowly Avoided Running Out of Water

Published: 27/04/2018 and written by P Smith

Just recently, Cape Town was preparing for the very real possibility that the city could run out of water within months. The ominously named ‘Day Zero’ was set for April – the day when the […]

Earth Day: How to Save Money While Saving the World

Published: 20/04/2018 and written by P Smith

Each year on 22nd of April, people around the world gather to celebrate Earth Day – and this year, it couldn’t be at a more pressing time. With government policies and proposals being discussed on […]

Good Friday Agreement: The 20 Year Anniversary

Good Friday Agreement
Published: 12/04/2018 and written by P Smith

2018 marks a monumental year for many reasons, with plenty of celebrations and anniversaries taking place for a whole variety of events. This April marks 20 years since the Good Friday Agreement was signed in […]

Facebook Data Breach: Brits Could Get to Up to £12,500 in Damages

facebook data breach
Published: 06/04/2018 and written by P Smith

Facebook has recently come under fire for failing to properly protect users from companies using their data illegally. As many as 87million people could have been affected by the data breach, and it has now […]