Weak Economic Growth Means Increase in Interest Rates Unlikely

Interest Rates
Published: 04/05/2018 and written by Patrick Smith

The UK has seen its weakest period of economic growth for five years. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the economy slowed down to just 0.1% growth during the first three months […]

Bank of England to Keep Polymer £5 Notes Despite Petitions

Bank of England to Keep Polymer £5 Notes Depsite Petitions
Published: 15/03/2017 and written by Robert Rosen

The Bank of England have said they will be keeping the current £5 notes, despite protests and petitions. The Bank have said they will not be changing the animal fat £5 notes, and will be […]

Bank of England to Keep Interest Rates at 0.25% Until 2019

Bank of England to keep interest rates at 0.25% until 019
Published: 03/02/2017 and written by Emily Rose

The Bank of England is expected to keep interest rates at their record low of 0.25% until 2019. A poll carried out by News Agency, Reuters, found that 66 out of 67 economists believe interest […]