Top Tips on How to Save Money this Christmas

christmas stockings with money
Published: 29/11/2019 and written by P Smith

At Mr Lender, we offer short term loans between £200-£1,000. The Coca Cola ad comes on TV… that can only mean one thing… Christmas is here! Christmas is the season of giving. So, to help you […]

Top Tips To Save Money Working Out

Published: 13/09/2019 and written by J Bell

At Mr Lender, we offer short term loans between £200-£1,000. If you’re trying to tighten your purse strings, then you’ll be looking at your outgoings and deciding what to cut back on. If your gym membership […]

9 Interior Design Tips on a Budget

Home, Living Room
Published: 05/08/2019 and written by J Bell

At Mr Lender, we offer short term loans between £200-£1,000. Want to boost the value of your home without breaking the bank? Whether you’re looking to sell or you just want to spruce the place […]

Dine Out on a Budget with these Easy Steps

Dine out
Published: 01/07/2019 and written by J Bell

At Mr Lender, we offer short term loans between £200-£1,000. Eating out can be a real treat – but it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are a whole host of penny-pinching ways which […]

Save Money on your Energy Bills with these Simple Tips

Energy Saving Tips
Published: 31/05/2019 and written by J Bell

Is your home truly energy efficient? Are you doing everything you can to make sure you’re not wasting heat – and cash – around the house? Did you know that you could potentially save hundreds […]

May’s Top Deals

Published: 15/05/2019 and written by J Bell

Sick and tired of searching around for all the best deals? Well, here at Mr Lender we’ve decided to pull together a selection of top deals every month – to save you the hassle. So, […]

Find out How to Succeed When Working from Home

Published: 15/09/2017 and written by Natasha Krovak

Working from home certainly has its benefits. Flexible working hours are a major attraction for many, providing the opportunity to spend more time with family and loved ones. Whether you’re already working from home, or […]

Travel Apps: 9 Best Apps to Save You Money When You’re out and About

Published: 21/07/2017 and written by Natasha Krovak

While booking a holiday is rather exciting, it can be costly and takes plenty of planning. From booking the hotel and accommodation, to finding restaurants and excursions within your budget – the costs of a […]

Out of Date Food: The Difference between ‘Best before’ and ‘Use By’

best before date
Published: 17/07/2017 and written by Natasha Krovak

In the UK, the laws surrounding food labelling are incredibly complex and fairly difficult to follow. The one requirement which is becoming more of an issue lately is the use of best before and use […]

Microsoft Office: A Quick Guide to Word, Powerpoint and Excel

microsoft office
Published: 10/07/2017 and written by P Smith

Just as Google is the go-to search engine for most people, Microsoft Office is the go-to programme for creating documents of any sort. Most job applications will also require a basic understanding of Microsoft Office […]