Payday loans – A rarity in a world of little faith?

payday loans
Published: 25/10/2018 and written by P Smith

You don’t have to look online for long to find the latest article on payday loans and how they’re supposedly exploiting vulnerable borrowers with high rates of interest and unrealistic repayment terms that are almost […]

Mr Lender Reaches 20,000 Customer Reviews!

Mr Lender Reviews
Published: 03/01/2017 and written by L Sherman

Mr Lender has reached 20,000 customer reviews, and we couldn’t thank you all enough. With 99% of you rating us 4-5 stars, it just goes to show how outstanding customer service really does make a […]

Mr Lender scoops two Consumer Credit Awards

Published: 13/07/2016 and written by P Smith

Mr Lender is thrilled to announce that we have won ‘Best Short Term Loan Provider’ and ‘Customer Service Champion’ in the 2016 Consumer Credit Awards by Smart Money People. As the first consumer-led credit awards voted […]

Why pay more than you should for a short term loan?

Mr Lender: Why pay more than you should for a short term loan?
Published: 12/05/2015 and written by P Smith

Surely as a customer borrowing money you should only pay interest on what you owe at the time, right? So as you pay part of your loan off, you owe less, and the interest payable comes down accordingly. Why should you have to pay interest based on the whole amount you originally borrowed, even though you don’t owe that now?