Need a little extra cash after Christmas? Why selling unwanted household items could be ideal for you

Published: 21/01/2019 and written by P Smith

Need a little extra cash after Christmas?

Why selling unwanted household items could be ideal for you

Whether it’s unwanted Christmas gifts or old devices which have been left dormant in a drawer or cupboard throughout the years, you could have a small fortune gathering dust in your home without realising.

A study of 2,000 adults, commissioned by Carphone Warehouse, found that households have an average £127 worth of unused gadgets alone – of which 60% have an old mobile phone stored away.

With the value of your used gadgets only likely to decrease as the years progress, now could be the best time to sell unwanted smartphones, tablets and laptops with years-old iPhones potentially still able to attract in excess of £100s.

It’s not just household gadgets which hold value

As well as unused gadgets, the average Brit has £200 worth of unworn clothing stashed away in wardrobes according to a 2017 study by Weight Watchers. So, if you’re looking for a little extra cash to pay those all-important bills after Christmas, see if you could fund these by shifting the items you have not worn in years.

Many of us are now also finding value in the sale of old handbags, shoes, cuddly toys and kitchen appliances – all of which could be worth more than you might think.

How do I sell my unwanted items?

It has never been easier to sell unwanted household items with many gadget recycling websites offering a fair price and a simple selling process. There are many gadget recyclers available with providing advice on how to make the most money from your old gadgets. Websites such as eBay, Gumtree or even Facebook Marketplace now give consumers a platform to sell unwanted items of all kinds to a large number of potential buyers.

Whether it’s clothing, electronics or other appliances, selling your unwanted household items might be your ideal way of beating the post-Christmas financial blues, and making the winter months more affordable when those household bills come through the letter box.

Selling unwanted household items is one method of restoring financial order however this may not be viable for everyone. There are a number of ways in which you can get over debt and advice on managing your money better can be found by visiting our site here for useful tips and suggestions.

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