Meal Ideas: 10 Ways to Use Peas in Your Everyday Cooking

Published: 04/06/2017 and written by Natasha Krovak

Meal Ideas: 10 Ways to Use Peas in Your Everyday Cooking

Peas – a classic, understated ingredient which can add flavour and colour to any dish. If you want a few tips on how you can use peas in your every day cooking, take a look at these top 10 recipes from Mr Lender.

1. Why not start off with a classic pea and bacon souppea recipes

2. Try a pea and radish salad for a light summer starterpea recipes

3. Risottos make for a great summer lunch. Why not add pea and asparagus to yours?pea recipes

4. Peas and ham are a classic combo, so maybe give this quiche a gopea recipes

5. Peas even work great as a side dish. Try this pea flatbread recipe if you’re looking for something a little differentpea recipes

6. Why not try these delicious vegetarian kebabs made from spinach, potatoes and peaspea recipes

7. You can even eat them on their own as a healthy snackpea recipes

8. Replace your butter with some tasty mashed peas and mintpea recipes

9. Try this classic Spanish dish of Flamenco Eggs, with ham, chorizo and – of course – peas!pea recipes

10. Or make peas the star of the show with this pea ravioli recipepea recipes

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