Save Money When Moving Home with our Top Tips

Published: 20/06/2019 and written by J Bell

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Moving home can be a daunting prospect – especially when it comes to finances. If you’re renting, then you have to stump up a deposit for the new place before you get anything back from the deposit you placed on the previous property. That can leave a massive black hole in your finances at a time when you often need to pay out for new furniture and household items.

And if you’re buying – well there are a whole host of added costs.

Here at Mr Lender we have put together all our top tips for saving money before and after your move, to try and help make the process a little less stressful.

Plan Ahead

First thing’s first – don’t leave anything until the last minute!

As soon as possible, draw up a list of everything you need to get sorted before the big day. It may seem a long way off, but believe us you will be grateful when you don’t find yourself scrambling around at the last minute and paying over the odds for things that would have come cheaper booked in advance.


The less you have to pack, the easier it will be.

Take the opportunity while you’re packing to finally get rid of that tennis racket that you haven’t used in ten years. And do you really need to hold on to those hair curlers that have been gathering dust in the bottom of a drawer since the first (and only) time you used them?

Sell on your Clutter

Once you’ve de-cluttered, have a look through the pile of stuff you’re dumping or taking to the charity shop and see if there is anything that might fetch you a few quid on eBay or a local Facebook selling group. That tennis racket might end up being a great bargain to get a budding Andy Murray started!

Book Your Cleaners Carefully

If you’re leaving a rental property and decide to hire cleaners to get it back to the sparkling condition it was in before you arrived, then make sure you opt for a company that will return if the lettings agents aren’t happy with the results.

If the inventory report finds you haven’t left the place as clean as it was when you moved in, some lettings agents will try and insist on sending their own cleaners in for another once-over – which will set you back another fee.

So, book a cleaning company who will guarantee a return visit if anything is missed or not up to scratch – and make sure they give you a receipt so you can prove to the lettings agent you had the property professionally cleaned.

Collect Free Cardboard Boxes

Planning ahead will mean you will have plenty of time to stock up on free boxes – instead of having to fork out for a ‘moving pack’ at the last minute.

A new set of boxes can easily set you back more than £20 which is a waste of money when you can source some for no cost.

Local shops and supermarkets can be great places to pick up boxes. It might be worth checking in to see when they get rid of their recycling – and request they put some boxes aside for you before breaking them down.

Also, check in to see if any of your friends or family have recently moved and still have their boxes handy. It’s worth posting on local Facebook groups too – you’ll be doing someone a favour by saving them having to get rid of all the recycling!

Pack Savvy

Don’t just rely on cardboard boxes – fill all of your suitcases with clothes and pack as much into laundry baskets as you can. You can even store items in bins to be transported – just make sure the bin is nice and clean first!

Those big, bulky items are going to have to be moved anyway, so they may as well be filled up, leaving you with less to put into your boxes. Bags for life are also handy – who doesn’t have hundreds laying around the house? Dig them out and fill them up!

Let Everyone Know

Save yourself from having to pay a redirection fee by letting everyone know you’re moving well ahead of time.

There are more companies to notify than you might realise, but BBC Homes has put together a really helpful checklist to help you ensure you don’t miss anyone out.

Compare Supplies

You will be under no obligation to stick with your current energy suppliers when you have moved, so take the chance to look for a better deal.

Read over our previous blog for pointers, including information on services such as Switchcraft, who will help you find a better deal and move everything for you.

Consider a Mortgage Broker

If you’re buying a property then using a mortgage broker rather than going straight through the lender might sound counter-productive to your money saving objectives, but financial advisor Holly Andrews insists it’s worth considering.

Holly, who is also MD at KIS Finance says: “If you use an independent mortgage broker who doesn’t charge their clients, but instead receives commission from the lender, it will benefit you as they will be able to find the cheapest deals on the market.

“So, at no extra cost to you, you will be ensuring that you’ve got the best mortgage rates available to you which will save you money in the long run.”

Don’t Forget Your Local Estate Agents

National online agents who promote cheaper rates can be very tempting when you’re selling your property, but Holly Andrews says it’s worth staying local: “It is important not to forget your smaller, local estate agents who may offer just as competitive rates but have the added advantage of knowing the area and will be best placed to advise you on the realistic price you can receive for your property.

“Being local will also mean that they are on-hand if you need to chase them up, which should make the whole process quicker, and you should receive a better, more personalised service.”

Rope in Friends

Avoid the cost of a removal company by getting some mates on board to help with the heavy-lifting. Even if you pay them in pizza and beers afterwards, it will still save you a small fortune and might even end up being fun!

You will probably still need to hire a van for the bigger items of furniture (unless you’re pals with a van owner), but you will still be cutting costs.

Dilusha Hettiralalage, consumer savings expert also advises you ask around your network of friends and family before paying for accommodation for any period you might have between leaving your old place and moving into the new one: “Sometimes when moving home, especially when you’re involved in a chain, there can be a few days where you have to move out of your home and the keys aren’t yet ready for you to move into your new home.

“Instead of forking out for a hotel or B&B for a few nights, why not speak to friends and family to see if they would be happy for you to use their spare rooms or sleep on their sofa.

“The same goes for your belongings; instead of paying for storage, ask friends with sheds and vans if they wouldn’t mind you using the space to store your things for a short period of time. If they’re not using the space, there’s no reason they should say no.”

Source Free Furniture

If you need to furnish your new pad, then there is no need to worry about a huge bill. There are loads of top-quality sofas, TVs, beds and sofas available on Freecycle and Freegle all the time. You can even log on and pop on a request for that certain something you’re after.

Have a search in your area and you might be surprised at what you can get your hands on for free!

Dilusha Hettiralalage adds: “You may want everything to be shiny and new when you’re moving into a new home, particularly when it’s your first, but that’s not always possible.

“Don’t be ashamed to let others buy you gifts for your home or to accept second-hand donations. They may not be brand new, but as long as they’re in a good condition and can be used they will make do until you can afford to replace with new items.”

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