Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Under £10

Published: 04/12/2020 and written by P Smith

Secret santa office presents

It’s that time of the year again! The days have become shorter, the heating is turned up and there’s a fun festive spirit at work.

A common tradition amongst colleagues up and down the country is arranging Secret Santa presents to spread some festive cheer.

You may have heard of it but if you’re not sure, Secret Santa is when you pick a colleague’s name out of a hat and you buy that person a present anonymously. There’s often a small budget limit that’s required to stick to, so we’ve rounded-up our favourite Secret Santa gift ideas that are currently available for under £10.


Office workers playing air hockey

Why not transform that meeting desk into something a bit more fun? If you’re buying for someone who has that slight competitive streak in them, then with an instant air hockey kit, you can do just that and replace the notepads and pens with hockey goals, mallets and a puck – you can even hold office competitions (in your lunch break, of course – and socially distanced!).


Funny mug

What does almost everyone in an office have? A mug for their teas and coffees of course! You can put a smile on their face every morning with a humour mug. One of our personal favourites is the ‘another 8 hours of pretending to work’ mugs (providing they won’t be offended!)


Red rubik's cube

Rather than giving something simply to enjoy, why not set your co-worker a
challenge with a classic Rubik’s Cube? You could even get your colleagues to guess how long it’ll take them to complete it and the winner gets a prize! You can often find these for close to the £10 budget which makes them ideal.


key finder

We all know someone who is always losing their keys or security pass. The solution to that is a device they can add to their keys. From now on, all they’ll have to do is whistle and the keyring will make a noise as well as flash red – meaning they’ll never lose their keys again! After all, there’s a good chance it’s just in their drawers or bag. Or if you’d prefer something with a bit more everyday use for everyone, with face masks required now for most people’s commute or lunch supermarket trip, an alternative option could be to get them a festive face mask to show their Christmas spirits. Maskey currently have some fantastic limited edition Christmas designs available for £9.99.


Chocolate bar

There’s usually a keen gym-goer in every workplace who stick to their strict workout routines and diets. So you could give them a little sweet treat with a chocolate dumbbell set which contains three white, three milk and three dark Belgian chocolates in the shape of dumbbells.


Shoe shining

We’re sure that anyone who wears shoes daily would appreciate a shoe shining kit. There are many kits available which provides brushes, two tins of wax and a small cloth all within a travel bag with everything they’ll need to keep their shoes looking sparkling.


Touchscreen glove

As the temperatures drop, gloves slowly become an essential when commuting
or leaving the building. We all know how annoying it can be not being able to use
your touchscreen smartphone whilst wearing them. So for your commuter
colleague, phone-proof gloves will be perfect!

Office Christmas

Secret Santa is a fun way of finding more out about your colleagues’ interests whilst also increasing team-morale during the festive season. Luckily, Secret Santa usually has a fairly low budget however even if there’s no budget set, there’s no reason that you can’t find a very cool gift without breaking the bank.

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