Top Tips on How to Save Money this Christmas

Published: 29/11/2019 and written by P Smith

christmas stockings with money

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The Coca Cola ad comes on TV… that can only mean one thing… Christmas is here!

Christmas is the season of giving.

So, to help you spread the Christmas cheer, Mr Lender’s prepared the 3 best money saving tips that’ll help you (and your oh so precious wallet).

Title: Christmas gifts and deals

Christmas gifts and deals: Bargains are like rich people in Aldi, you know they’re in there but they’re not always easy to spot.

Like with all things these days, online’s a good place to start.

PC savings

Loads of online stores have voucher codes you can use to get discounts. Just go to their website and look for them. Some places even give you voucher codes if you sign up to their newsletters.

To make it easier to hunt for voucher codes, you can try Groupon. This website gives out voucher codes you can use to buy Christmas gifts, like candles and jumpers.

Websites such as are also a dime a dozen for people on a budget. These’ll help you snatch deals on things like perfume and novelty mugs.

If you don’t want to use voucher codes, you can try your luck shopping on Amazon and Ebay. They have daily deals on all sorts like gadgets, clothes, things for the house and much more – so you can save money by buying stuff for the whole family.

shopping trolley

The best deals, though, usually happen on Black Friday. Black Friday is basically a
day where you get discounts from loads of stores. You can snag the best Black Friday deals online or in store.

This year, you can expect Black Friday deals like £240 off Lenovo and HP laptops, £700 off QLED and OLED TVs and Apple iPads from £299, which you can find over at Currys. The key is to have a look around. You’ll find something eventually.

Title - Christmas on a budget

Christmas on a budget: A lot of brands sell the exact same thing. How can you choose which one to buy?

Most people go by quality. People think the more expensive something is, the better the quality. 

But that’s not always the case. 

If you want to save money this Christmas, you should go for the cheaper alternative. 


Instead of buying your turkey from Waitrose (4kg-6kg costs £30), why not go to Aldi instead (3-4.49kg costs just £4.29)? 

Christmas cards from Clintons? Nah, just go to Card Factory. 

Thinking of Christmas crackers? Think about Poundland.


The list can go on, and on, and on. So instead of boring you with no end, go to
your local high street and look around. 

If you want to buy something, don’t just automatically go to your usual shop – go to different places and compare prices. Once you’ve compared, choose the cheapest.
Simple! (Screw brand loyalty. Sometimes, being unfaithful is a good thing…).

Title - save money this christmas by ditching your unwanted items

Save money this Christmas by ditching your unwanted items: We’ve all been there – where you receive Christmas gifts which were not quite what you expected or have any use for.

So, why not save money by selling all of last year’s unwanted gifts?

toy box

Afterall, they’ve just been gathering dust in your cupboard for the last 12 months

You can turn unwanted items into cash on sites like these:
• Ebay
• Amazon Marketplace
• Gumtree
• Facebook Marketplace
• Depop

With your newfound cash, you can start buying Christmas gifts that people actually

cash present

Don’t feel pressured into spending a lot on Christmas, especially not on Christmas gifts. Christmas is about spending quality time with your friends and family.

If Christmas gifts are important to you, starting next year, why not prepare a budget and plan way ahead of time? That way, you can put aside some of your wages every month and use it to buy Christmas gifts later on. 

You only need to spend as much as you want and on the people you want. Think of essentials. 

Only buy Christmas gifts for people you’re closest to, the rest, well, you can give them Christmas cards (you can even be cheeky and make Christmas cards yourself to save money…)

Assessing bills

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