10 Amazing Upcycled Furniture Ideas from Pinterest!

Published: 26/03/2017 and written by R Rosen

10 Amazing Upcycled Furniture Ideas from Pinterest!

Upcycling furniture and old clutter can be a great way to spruce up your home without spending a fortune. UK based short term loan provider, Mr Lender, has put together 10 perfect Pinterest posts to show you how upcycling can give your home a unique new look.

1. Try something different and make sinks out of old tin buckets

2. Head to the scrap heap and make a sofa from old car parts

3. Maybe try cheese graters as light shades

4. Recycle some old plastic bottles into plant pots

5. Or try an old light bulb instead

6. Turn a beautiful old piano into a unique new bookshelf

7. Turn a chest of drawers into a comfy armchair

8. Make garden furniture from old pallets

9. Create a headboard from old window shutters

10. Cut old suitcases in half to make shelves

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