Low Maintenance Pets: 7 Pets You Can Buy on a Budget

Published: 22/05/2017 and written by R Rosen

Low Maintenance Pets: Pets You Can Afford on a BudgetTaking on a pet is a huge commitment and not something to be taken lightly. Some take more looking after than others, with more regular feeds, special diets and a need for plenty of attention and walks. However, there are plenty of low maintenance pets to choose from too. If you’re looking for a simple pet which isn’t going to break the bank, take a look at this list from Mr Lender.

low maintenance pets

Guinea pigs

Unlike hamsters, Guinea pigs love to be handled so they make a great pet for little ones. They’re easy to look after, and simply need to be fed and watered throughout the day, and given a bit of exercise out of their cage for at least an hour a day. While hamsters are nocturnal, Guinea pigs prefer to nap in small 10 minute bursts throughout the day, meaning they’re awake to play when the kids are too.

Corn snakes

While some may find the thought of owning a snake a terrifying one, corn snakes are actually quite docile animals and make for great pets. The initial investment may be a little costly, but once you’ve bought the tank and heat lamp the rest is relatively cheap. Corn snakes are great low maintenance pets, but they may not be best for small children – corn snakes eat mice (alive or dead) so this could be quite upsetting for some kids.

low maintenance pets

Sea monkeys

Sea monkeys are great low maintenance pets, which require very little upkeep. You can buy sea monkey kits from some pet stores, or from Argos, which come with the sea monkey eggs, a small tank, water purifier and food. Simply feed the eggs once a week to begin with, and then feed them every few days once they’re fully grown.


Goldfish make for a great first pet for small children, and are incredibly easy to look after. Once you’ve bought a suitable goldfish bowl and some stones and plants to decorate, there aren’t many other expenses to consider with a goldfish. Simply feed them twice a day, and clean out their bowl twice a week.

low maintenance pets


If you have an indoor cat, they can be slightly more high maintenance than an outdoor cat. Though that being said, cats are more low maintenance than dogs. Cats usually just need to be fed and watered throughout the day, and their litter tray needs to be scooped at least twice daily. Cats can become quite costly if they need to make a visit to the vets, but you can save money on vet bills by getting them insured.


Budgies are great low maintenance pets, as you don’t need to do very much with them – you just need to make sure their food and water bowls are filled regularly. Budgie droppings don’t tend to smell as bad as some other animals so you can usually get away with cleaning their cage just once a week. If you do decide to buy a budgie, it’s usually better to buy two as they’re quite happy in each other’s company so won’t need as much attention.

low maintenance pets


While you may not necessarily think of a snail as a pet, young and inquisitive children will be quite happy to have a snail to look after. You can buy snail kits from Pets at Home, which comes with a tank to keep the snails in. You can feed your snails scraps of vegetables from the kitchen, so even their food is free.

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