How to Keep the Kids Entertained Over Christmas

How to keep the kids entertained over christmas
Published: 22/12/2016 and written by Kia Blue

Schools across the country are breaking up for Christmas this week and the challenge of keeping the kids entertained over the festive period is imminently on parents’ minds. If the excitement of the new toys […]

Christmas Money Saving Tips on Gift Buying

Christmas money saving tips
Published: 21/12/2016 and written by J Bell

If you’re feeling the squeeze already this festive season and you still have gifts left to sort out, try not to panic. It’s important to show your loved ones how much they mean to you […]

Natural alternative remedies to help boost your health

Natural Alternative Remedies to boost your health
Published: 20/12/2016 and written by J Bell

If you’re quick to rush to the chemist at the first signs of an illness or health problem, it’s worth checking if there’s a natural alternative. Lots of people are turning to everyday food items […]

Last minute Christmas gift ideas

Last minute christmas gift ideas by Mr Lender
Published: 20/12/2016 and written by Toni Hart

Christmas is now less than a week away. The decorations will most likely be up, the Christmas cards sent off in the post, and the turkey order placed. But if you’re running a little behind […]

Last minute bargains on Christmas food supplies

Christmas food supplies - UK bargains
Published: 16/12/2016 and written by J Bell

With just one week until Christmas Eve the countdown to the big day is ON! It’s time to start getting those supplies in to get you through the celebrations, and here at Mr Lender we’ve put […]

DIY Christmas Cards and Gift Wrapping

DIY Christmas cards and gift wrapping with Mr Lender
Published: 15/12/2016 and written by Toni Hart

Every year, billions of pounds are spent on gift wrap and Christmas cards – a vast majority of which will very quickly find its way to the bin. And, no doubt, you will still run […]

10 Must see Christmas trees in the UK

Must see Christmas Trees around the UK by Mr Lender
Published: 14/12/2016 and written by Toni Hart

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to kick off the Christmas celebrations than to gather the family, drink a mulled wine or four, and visit some of the best Christmas trees […]

National Rail: Save Money with the Family and Friends Railcard

Save on family days out with national rail family and friends railcard
Published: 13/12/2016 and written by J Bell

Christmas holidays can be full of fun times with the whole family – but they can become stressful. Especially when you’re forever having to fork out for travel, entry fees and souvenirs. Here at Mr […]

Alternative ways to cook your turkey this Christmas

Published: 09/12/2016 and written by Kia Blue

Are you the designated chef for Christmas dinner this year? If so you may be happy to read some alternative recipes so your turkey isn’t the same old bird as last year. Gobble up our […]

National Brownie Day – Christmas inspired brownie recipes

national brownie day - christmas recipes by mr lender
Published: 08/12/2016 and written by Toni Hart

It’s National Brownie Day! And what better way to celebrate than with a batch of Christmas brownies. Warm, gooey, chocolatey goodness, full of a whole variety of different festive fruits and spices. Mr Lender, a UK […]