Short Term Loans UK: Everything You Need to Know About Small Loans

small loans
Published: 10/02/2017 and written by P Smith

When looking for a short term credit solution to an unexpected financial emergency, a small loan from a direct lender could be the most convenient option. Small loans, also known as personal loans, are a […]

Payday Loans: How to Compare Payday Loans Online

Compare Payday Loans in the UK
Published: 09/02/2017 and written by Natasha Krovak

Short term loans can be the quickest, most convenient solution to a financial emergency. Applying for a short term loan can take a matter of minutes, with successful applicants receiving their funds in under an […]

Guaranteed Payday Loans

Guaranteed Payday Loans
Published: 03/02/2017 and written by P Smith

Applying for a payday loan can be the fastest, most convenient solution to a financial emergency. Applications can often be completed online, over the phone or through an app in a matter of minutes. When looking for a […]

Payday Loans Instant Approval

payday loans instant approval
Published: 30/01/2017 and written by R Rosen

When a financial emergency arises, ‘payday loans instant approval’ might be the first thing you search for. While payday loan applications can often be completed in minutes, with successful applicants receiving funds soon after, ‘payday loans instant approval’ […]

Free Cash Machines May Start Charging After Bank Dispute

Free cash machines might start charging over dispute with the banks
Published: 24/01/2017 and written by Natasha Krovak

Thousands of cash machines could start charging after a breakdown in agreements over fees and machine maintenance. Almost 40 members of the LINK network will be meeting this week to come to a new agreement. […]

Guarantor Loans vs. Payday Loans

Payday loan guarantor
Published: 23/01/2017 and written by E Rose

Taking out a payday loan can help cover the cost of any financial emergencies until pay day. Anyone can apply for a payday loan, and funds can be in the account in under an hour if approved. […]

Payday Loan Jargon Busters

Payday loan jargon buster
Published: 20/01/2017 and written by P Smith

Applying for a payday loan can be a relatively simple, straightforward process. However all the payday loan jargon can make the process seem a little daunting. What’s the difference between a short term loan and a payday […]

Apple App Store Prices Rise by 25% Due to Brexit

Apple App store prices rise to 25% after Brexit
Published: 19/01/2017 and written by R Rosen

Apple App store prices are set to increase by 25%. This comes as a result of currency fluctuations caused by Brexit. Since June, the value of the pound against the dollar has fallen by 18.5%. […]

Gender Pay Gap Reduced to 5%

Gender pay gap now at 5%
Published: 17/01/2017 and written by Toni Hart

The pay gap between men and women in their 20s is now down to 5%, reports have found. However the report also found that women will still earn significantly less than their male colleagues throughout […]

Sale of Student Loan Debt

Sale of student loans
Published: 16/01/2017 and written by R Rosen

The government has proposed plans to privatise student loan debt. Loans taken out prior to the 2012 tuition fee hike are set to be sold off early this year. The £12billion debt covers students with […]